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We Do What We Do, At No Fee To You!

Don't let the dealerships wreck you credit with several different applications, multiple credit pulls just get the HUGE RUNAROUND!

  • We will save you time and money
  • Never have to walk into the dealership
  • Never deal with pushy salespeople
  • Get you the EXACT vehicle you've been looking for!
Our Franchise Dealer partners. Shop At home and we'll have it delivered
One application, multiple lenders!

Don't let the dealerships run your credit! We can offer the biggest range of available offers and terms from our participating lenders. We'll help you make the choice for the financing option that makes the most sense based on your needs.

Filling out multiple credit applications and hurt your credit. Our application is simple and easy to fill out. One Application for Approval.
DOn'T let the Dealerships hike their rates!
Dealerships will hide their profits by financing through their lenders. We pit one lender against another to get a better rate and deal.
Credit Challenges Is Our Specialty!

DO NOT PREJUDGE YOUR CREDIT! We have been working with most of our lenders for over 30 years. We've established relationships that dealers simply cannot. We can't offer miracles, but if you have a job, we can probably get you approved.

Our application is simple and easy to fill out.
No "Finance Manager" to waste your time. We handle all of that for you.
NO credit is NO problem!

Don't allow your lack of credit to make you think you can't buy your next vehicle. We have programs for all credit challenges. Even NO CREDIT! Fill out the easy application form and we'll find a vehicle that best fits your budget. GUARANTEED!!

No credit is not a problem!
If you're working, we can get you approved.
Whether your looking new or used!
Many lenders have first time buyers programs for people just like you.

We Can Get You Approved!

We can get you the lowest rates available. How? Because we're not attached to any dealerships, we have more flexibility to shop find the right lender for you.

Why People Trust Oklahoma Auto Brokers?

Customer satisfaction ratings.
Average interest rates we are currently getting.
Repeat and referral business.